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Current Series

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June 1st/2nd         Boastful Dreamer?                              Genesis 37:1-11

June 8th/9th         Nightmare of a Family                       Genesis 37:26-36

June 15th/16th      Tell Me I’m Dreaming                      Genesis 39:11-23

June 22nd/23rd     Lost Dreams                                       Genesis 40:9-23

June 29th/30th      Dreamers and Doers                          Genesis 41:1-16


July 6th/7th          4th of July Themed

July 13th/14th       More than a Dream Come True       Genesis 44:15-23

July 20th/21st       A Wake Up Call                                  Genesis 45:1-15

July 27th/28th       Beyond Our Wildest Dreams            Genesis 50:15-21

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