The Table

The Table Service begins on March 5th at 10:45 in Grace Place.  This service is built around the idea that a worshipping community should be just that – a community of people coming together to experience belonging, live together in love, and shine the light of Christ’s love all around the world.


What can you expect?  The service will have a casual feel as you enter Grace Place. There will be some smiling faces to welcome you and invite you to stop by and grab a cup of coffee, water or snack.  You can find your way to one of the round tables at which we’ll gather. 


The music will be contemporary in nature and be led by a small group of musicians and singers.  The goal is not to wow you with a performance but to encourage you to join in and reflect on the lyrics which focus on Christ and His love for us. 

You will see many different ages taking part in the service and using their gifts in a variety of ways.  You might also notice we use parts of the service which seem modern, but also elements which have been handed down through the ages by Christ and His followers (such as the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, etc.) 
The service will be built around a theme which runs through every aspect of the service.  Instead of a talking head preaching at you, the message will be interactive to varying degrees.  (Note: But don’t fear.  You will never be “put on the spot.) 
There will often be opportunities to get hands on in some way or project to bless others in the community near and far. 
Finally, children (Ages 3 to 5th Grade) will have the opportunity to go with the Children’s Church team at the time of the message to learn about the Big Idea of the day in age-appropriate ways.  

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